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She might look innocent with blue tongue and pigtails, but don't let her Looks deceive you! Equal parts cute and dangerous, Liv Morgan is a force to be reckoned with in the SmackDown LIVE Women's Division! As a former competitive cheerleader, Liv boasts a combination of agility and creativity once the bell rings, but she’s not afraid to scrap, either. Looking to make her friends and family back in the 201 area code proud, Liv represents New Jersey to the fullest and refuses to back down from a fight. Will it be long before she has a WWE Women’s Championship to complement her Swag?

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Birthday Project 2019
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Dear Liv,

seeing you grow into the woman you are today has been a joy. We’re very proud to say that we’ve been here since the very first day and promise to be here until the last. After we had to unfortunately cancel last year’s Project, we thought we should use our platform again and let all of your LIV Squad Members around the world show you love on your special day. With all of that said… Happy Birthday ♡

@MiniLivMorgan: Happy birthday Liv I hope you have a birthday as amazing as you are!! Thank you so so much for inspiring me to be a WWE superstar when I grow up! I can’t wait to watch you on Smackdown and can’t wait to see you as the champ one day!! Love ya

@KellysLIVin: Happy 25th birthday, Liv!! Hope you have an amazing day. Can’t wait to see you on Smackdown soon, hopefully. Sending you lots of love on your special day

@livsaliyah: I want to wish you a very happy birthday. Watching you improve and grow over the years has been very exciting. You’re one of the most talented people I know and I hope one day wwe let’s you snatch that title and be the champ you already are and deserve to be! Wish you all the best,you have a very bright and big future ahead of you.

@Heel4Lif3: Happy Birthday G! Supported you since day 1, more than happy to see you making it. Keep being you, have a great day

@ellsworth_girl: Okay… First of all, I never love a wrestler like I love Liv since I saw Lita, so… Liv Is actually my favorite woman wrestler, she’s so cool, so sweet, so nice… So perfect! Also, she’s my inspiration to be a better human in this world, to fight for my dreams and to be a wrestler! So… I want to say THANK U LIV! And… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You deserve only good things, girl!

@jimmyxv0997: Hi Liv! I want to wish you the Happiest of Birthdays! It’s your day to celebrate with those that love and support you to the fullest, all of us want to see you reach all your wildest ambitions that you’ve had since you were a young kid hoping one day that you can be in the WWE and here you are! I have the same aspirations as well, I will be starting my own wrestling training later in the month and can attribute some of that to a tweet you sent out about 11:11 and how it changed your life, that’s powerfully inspiring. I believe as long as you can envision what you see for yourself even when no one else does, you can have the power to do almost anything. This will be my first formal wrestling training and I’m looking so forward to it and if anyone knows about defying the odds and making believers out of doubters it would be you. I truly wish you the best 25th birthday and hope that the fun you have equates to the hard work you put into getting to where you are and continue to pursue so much more, all of us that support you know that you can do anything you set your mind to it and we believe in you to manifest your destiny! I hope that if you read this it can brighten your day and inspire you that what you’ve done has helped inspire me to become a wrestler myself because growing up I was just so shy and introverted, but now at age 21 almost 22 I have a newfound confidence that just wasn’t there before and seeing so many younger wrestlers in the business today such as yourself, it’s like hey we can be the next generation of performers that kids look up to just like those that we watched, that’s pretty cool. For your birthday I hope you get more Jordan’s to add to your already big collection and just enjoy what life has been so far and what it can be as long as you follow your heart. Thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams and wish you everything that you can ever want too. Sincerely, Jimmy.

@simonealexaa: liv! from one jersey girl to another, happy birthday!!!!! i’ve been a fan of yours since day 1 & i’m so fortunate to have gotten to see you for the first time live at the rumble this past january!!! i can’t wait to see what you do in the future! have an amazing day, i love you!!!

@morgansnation: Liv, damn where do I start ? First of all happy birthday legend!!!! I am so proud of how far you came and how much you improved! Can’t wait for you to snatch that women’s champ soon!! I’m thinking of you on your birthday, and I hope it you enjoy it! I hope it is as fantastic as you are, you deserve the best and nothing less. love you so much jolly rancher queen (tell piggles I said hi)

@wolfman9358: Hello Liv, a very Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful one!

@livorleave: After a long day of plastering your face onto milk cartons so we can get you on SmackDown, your birthday snuck UP on me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have the best day ever and I love you! BRAAAP SQUAAAAAD

@TheeBarbadosBae: Neck pillow queen! One of the most deserving and talented on the roster! You love all your fans and we love you for that! Happy 25th birthday!

@livingformorgan: Happy birthday to one of the best chicks to ever step foot in the ring! Your dedication and determination in every single match to do ur absolute best is making people turn heads…. they ain’t ready for the big things you’re about to do…please never change, love u

via E-Mail:

John: Happy Birthday Liv! Wishing you the very best and can’t wait for you to win that SmackDown Women’s Championship!

Lacey: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Queen! I hope you have a good one, filled with lots of Jolly Ranchers.

Sam: Thank you for being such a great role model to myself and a lot of other girls out there. I love you and wish you a very happy Birthday.

Video sent in and edited by Twitter user @CaptionsLiv:

WWE Superstar Shake-up 2019 results
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The following Superstars moved to SmackDown LIVE in the Superstar Shake-up:

  • Roman Reigns
  • Intercontinental Champion Finn Bálor
  • Elias
  • Bayley
  • Ember Moon
  • Kairi Sane
  • Lars Sullivan
  • Buddy Murphy
  • Liv Morgan
  • Chad Gable
  • Apollo Crews
  • Mickie James
  • Otis
  • Tucker


WWE Exclusive: Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey brawl with The Riott...
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Following Mr. McMahon’s earth-shattering WrestleMania announcement, The Man forms a temporary alliance with The Rowdy One to repel a Riott Squad attack.

WWE RAW Results – February 11th, 2019
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Sasha Banks and Bayley vs Nia Jax and Tamina vs Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan

In a preview of Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match for the Women’s Tag Team Championships, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax and Sasha Banks and Bayley battle in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match to kick off the in-ring portion of Monday Night RAW.

Nia Jax and Sasha Banks start off the match, as Banks slaps Jax and immediately tags in Liv. Liv goes for the immediate attack and Nia counters. After a failed attempt to Tag in the Boss’N’Hug Connection, Liv executes an Enzuigiri on Jax and leaves the rest to Sarah Logan.

Sarah and Nia go at it, before Liv and Tamina get tagged in. Unorthodox Cover by Liv Morgan, as Tamina kicks out. The “Samoan Slaughterhouse” takes turns on Liv, before she manages to take Jax down with multiple Dropkicks. Bayley tags herself in and gets pushed into Nia by Morgan.

We are back from Commercial as Liv has Bayley trapped in a Chinlock in the middle of the ring. Liv controls, until Bayley snapmares her into the corner and Tamina tags in. Bayley and Tamina go back and forth, until Bayley tags in Liv. The Riott Squad’s Sarah Logan takes it from there as she and Liv perform a sequence of Tag Team Moves. After a Wheelbarrow-Body Splash Combination and a failed pinfall attempt by Morgan, Logan takes control over Tamina. They go back and forth and Tamina hits Liv off the Apron. Tamina fails to execute the Superfly Splash and Logan tags Morgan in. Bayley tags herself in as well and takes control over Liv Morgan. After dominating her for a while and taking down the managing Ruby Riott, Bayley hits a Top Rope Elbow Drop on Liv. Pin Attempt and Sarah Logan saves her partner. Inside Craddle by Liv and Bayley kicks out at 2. Bayley hits the Belly-To-Bayley and Tamina take her out with a Superkick, before she can take advantage. Tamina carries Liv Morgan to the corner and Nia takes herself in, finishing Bayley off with a Samoan Drop. Nia covers Bayley for the Three Count.

Winners: Nia Jax and Tamina – “The Samoan Slaughterhouse”

WWE SmackDown Results – February 6th
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Liv Morgan vs Charlotte Flair

Charlotte charges Liv Morgan immediately in the corner and throws kicks as Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan yell from the outside. Morgan rolls out and Charlotte yells at them to back off. After a quick commercial break, Liv is in control of the match. During the break, we see Morgan snapped the back of Charlotte’s head over the top rope. She sends Charlotte face first into two corners. Flair fires back with a big Kick, Chops and connects with a Fallaway Slam. Liv eats a Big Boot to the face near the corner. Charlotte is going up top when Morgan trips her up. Liv with an impressive Roll-Up for the 2-count. Charlotte with a Neckbreaker and Spear combo that levels Morgan. Sarah Logan is up on the ring apron and Charlotte Spears her off. Ruby Riott pulls Liv out of the ring in a helping effort, but gets caught by the Referee. He bans both of them from ringside, as Charlotte tosses Morgan back in. Liv misses an Enzuigiri and Charlotte connects with a Boot. Flair gets the Figure Four applied and bridges into the Figure Eight as Liv taps out

Winner: Charlotte

How five NXT superstars found out they were heading to Raw and S...
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Over the course of the last two weeks, ESPN spoke to all five of the new Raw and SmackDown superstars to learn more about their life-changing weeks.

On Monday, former Divas champion (and NXT women’s champion) Paige made a shocking return in the midst of a No. 1 contender’s match for the Raw women’s championship with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose in tow. The newly formed trio, who would come to call themselves Absolution, laid out the top contenders, then sent a similar message backstage to champion Alexa Bliss.

The following night on SmackDown, Ruby Riott approached Naomi backstage and introduced her compatriots in the Riott Squad — Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. In consecutive weeks, they’ve put two former SmackDown women’s champions, Naomi and Becky Lynch, out of commission, and sent a similar message to current champion Charlotte Flair.

These dual, seemingly unrelated invasions, have breathed fresh energy into both Raw and SmackDown’s women’s divisions, and quickly changed the lives of five women with overlapping, yet unique, journeys to the stage they all hoped to reach throughout their careers.

Morgan, the youngest of the five women who debuted at just 23 years old, also spent the longest stretch at the Performance Center. She had a lot to learn, but picked up quite a bit by watching the likes of Flair, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch, who were all coming into their own when she first started training.

“When I arrived at the Performance Center, I was 20 years old,” said Morgan. “So I was like the baby of the building. I definitely wasn’t mature as I should have been. Definitely wasn’t as responsible as I should’ve been. But they were really patient with me.”

The Interview continues with how Liv found out she was getting called up to the Main Roster:

“I received an email saying that they were going to fly me in to do a dark match — an un-televised match on SmackDown,” said Morgan “So I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ I was super excited for the opportunity to wrestle in front of a bigger crowd. So I just packed my bags under the assumption that I was just going to have a dark match.”

“We get to Raw and we kind of get pulled aside in a room and we’re told that we’d be going to Raw or SmackDown,” continued Morgan. “I didn’t expect it at all. I was completely surprised and, of course, I’m so emotional and such a baby. I started crying. I grew up a little poor girl from New Jersey. I shouldn’t be here, but somehow, in this universe, I made it here in the WWE”

Though their similarly-themed debuts are bound to tie these two trios together for right now, their compositions should ultimately lead down very different paths now that their part of the Raw and SmackDown rosters. While Rose and Deville will learn under a veteran in Paige, Riott and Morgan have lengthy independent records and a friendship that should serve them well in defining themselves among the already established stars of SmackDown.

Follow the Link to read the whole Interview:


WWE Exclusive: Take an alternative look at the Riott Squads Debu...
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Get an up-close look at Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan’s SmackDown LIVE debut in which they executed a surprise assault during the SmackDown Women’s Title Match between Charlotte Flair and Natalya.

WWE NXT Results – September 27th
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Liv Morgan vs Vanessa Borne


With the NXT Women’s Championship vacated and a Fatal-4-Way Match set for NXT TakeOver: War Games, everyone is left wondering about the state of NXT’s Women’s Division.

General Manager Williams Regal has announced a Series of Matches to qualify for the NXT Women’s Championship bout at the next Takeover Event. Which 3 Competitors will advance and qualify to join Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane at NXT TakeOver: War Games?


A win like this one could potentially put someone like Liv Morgan and Vanessa Borne in the running for the NXT Women’s Championship title picture, which is why the both of them waste no time and lock up as soon as the bell rings! Borne and Morgan trade offence for a moment, until Liv Morgan ultimately takes over with a Matrix Dodge and a Leaping Leg Drop. The momentum doesn’t last long though, as Borne finds a way to get the upper-hand and dominates Liv for a while. After a successful Drop Toe Hold, Morgan manages to fulfil a Comeback Sequence, which leads her to her Signature Double Stomp in the corner and a hard-hitting Bulldog, before taking it home with the Special DeLIVery.


Winner: Liv Morgan

WWE NXT Spoilers: September 27th – October 11th
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WWE taped multiple NXT Episodes at Full Sail University last night. Here are the ones including Liv Morgan. Spoilers below:

September 27th: Liv Morgan defeated Vanessa Borne. Lots of pin attempts early. Liv does a matrix dodge of a clothesline, then a leg drop over Borne’s back for a 1 count. Liv picks up the win with a running codebreaker

October 11th: NXT Women’s Title Qualifier: Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay) defeated Nikki Cross and Liv Morgan to advance to “Takeover: Houston” in the Fatal 4 Way with Kairi Sane. Liv and Nikki take turns arguing with Peyton until they accidentally lock arms and decide to clothesline her out of the ring. Peyton comes back in and the other two duck her spin kick, then Nikki uses Liv as a weapon to hit Peyton. Peyton and Liv go at each other, and Peyton locks a submission hold in on the ropes. Nikki grabs Peyton by the hair and pulls her off Liv, with a nasty head-first fall to the floor. Nikki goes for her too rope dropkick, but Peyton pulls Liv in the way. Nikki runs wild on both girls. Tower of Doom spot where Nikki powerbombs Peyton who suplexes Liv. The Undisputed Era come out with Taynara Conti and Cole sends her to the ring. Nikki has Liv pinned, when Conti pulls her from the ring. Nikki chases her around the ring, but when Nikki gets back in, Peyton hits her spin kick for the win.

NXT Exclusive: Liv Morgan wants to be part of the NXT Women̵...
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As the longest-tenured Superstar in the NXT Women’s division, Liv Morgan makes it clear that General Manager William Regal should include her in his plans for the vacant NXT Women’s Title.